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The Best Things About a Stretch Limo

The benefits of hiring a limousineWhy we love Limousines

In Britain, luxury cars have always been about wooden panelling and elegant sophistication. A little-winged figure on the radiator grill and plenty of shining chrome-work. Lovely of course, but not always practical.

A Different Class

The stretch limo is in a whole new class. Its extra space means you can accommodate a large party in comfort. You’re not limited to forward facing behind the driver’s seat, however much leg room your Rolls has. A proper stretch limo means you can sit comfortably and move about. Turn to face each other and have a chat. Maybe even have a party.

Space Adventure

It’s all about a luxury experience, and it’s practical too. The space is the key. It leaves you room to work or play, spread yourself out and make real use of a journey. But the space isn’t just for passengers. It can carry equipment too. Whether it’s extra luggage for your holiday, a refrigerator or a sound system, the stretch limo swallows it all.

Champagne on Ice

Imagine a luxury car with space for a fully equipped bar. Crystal champagne flutes and a bottle cooling ready for use. Appealing right? That’s what you get in one of our stretch limos. And that’s not all. Turn up the music, spread out and relax under the stargazer ceiling, while neon lights change colour around you. This is the kind of vehicle that turns a mundane journey into the experience of a lifetime. It even means the hold up on the M60 is welcome, almost…

Your Carriage Awaits

At Limos North West we have a fabulous range of stretch limos to meet any need. Our cars can seat up to thirteen passengers, so whether it’s for a prom, a wedding, or a trip to the airport, we’ll show you the real meaning of luxury travel.

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