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5 Things You’d Never Expect to Find in a Limo


Hen parties, stag nights: every limo driver has their fair share of wild and wacky stories to share about the goings on in the back of a limo.

There’s something about riding in a limo that brings out the party spirit in us all. It gives you the opportunity to let your hair down, show off and revel in a wonderfully kitsch way.

However, limo hire isn’t just limited to wedding parties and VIP travel. There are many surprising things you can incorporate into a classic limo ride. Here are 5 things you’d never expect to find in a limo.

  1. A Wedding Ceremony

Limos don’t just have to be used as wedding transport. As long as there’s a wedding licence, you can get married practically anywhere. If you want an intimate ceremony with a handful of select guests then why not grab a vicar and get married in the back of a limo on your way to the reception? This innovative and slightly eccentric idea is becoming more popular and is perfectly feasible.

  1. Adults Only

A limo ride can transform a kid’s birthday party into a fun and unique event. The kids can take a one-hour tour with the full Hollywood VIP treatment including alcohol-free bubbly, music and games.

  1. Magic

Add a touch of magic to your limo ride with a magician performing up-and-close magic tricks to delight and enthrall passengers of all ages.

  1. A Nightclub

LED colour-changing lighting, a jukebox, karaoke, even a full-length bar: you can find them all in the back of a limo.

  1. The Stars

Not VIPs, but a starlit ceiling that’ll add a romantic and magical touch to your journey.

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